What Are the Best Xbox Games to Play?

What exactly are First Person Shooting games? First Person Shooting games or FPS as they are generally known, are a type of video games that center their gameplay on the weapon the player is holding. This means that they give you an insider’s view of game play. you feel things through the eyes of the character playing the game. The majority of First Person shooting games are action-based, meaning that you are given a goal or set of goals to accomplish and you (the player) begin the path to meet the goals.


The storyline of Borderlands is centered around the planet Pandora which is where everyone is looking for the structure called ‘The Vault’. It is home to mysterious abilities and treasures and the path to the treasure is the thing that makes the game one of the most popular PC games of 2009. Borderlands also gives players an incredible multiplayer online. The players can choose between switching between games whenever they want, or doing it alone!

With life-like characters, custom-designed vehicles, and real-time Physics, Borderlands isn’t so much about a massive and massive story. However, it’s these effects that make the game one of the most enjoyable first-person shooting games of 2009.

Genre(s) Genre(s): The First Person PC Shooting, Tactical Shooter Action Mode(s) Single Player Co-op Single Player Multiplayer; Multiplayer Co-op

This first person shooting military tactical game is on my top list of FPS games because of its stunning background and environment. The maps used in this mission were modeled off the actual terrain that are found in Kiska (Alaska). The game is played on the island of 메이저놀이터 and is also known as Skira for the purpose of this game. It is. It is located on the northern shores of Japan and takes place in the year 2010. Kiska is battleground territory that is contested by two nations and is the site of a war because of the discovery of a huge reserve of oil and gas. A great animation and challenging game play make Flashpoint an best PC first person shooting games.