Unraveling the Mysteries of Life

Life works in mysterious ways. And everyone knows it. The ride is great, but the details are messy. One day it is sunny, the other rainy and dark. One day it’s clear and the next it’s foggy and hazy. Sometimes time is slow, and sometimes it’s even slower. Still others, everything passes in the blink of an eye. And we’re not sure what just happened, how or why, and we’re not sure we’ll ever know (or even if it matters).

Some landscapes are green, full of life and growing things. Things that live and die and are reborn again. Other lands are dry, arid, burnt with no signs of what has been or what will come. Life does not imitate art. Art does not imitate life. Life imitates nature. I was born in the tropics, in the most luxuriant greens and blues of life, where new species are frequently discovered. But … not so fast, I’ve also been to the desert, where living things are hard to find. I’ve been to both of these places, literally and figuratively, in life and in thought. And if I may say, being in one teaches us how to be successful in the other.

When I’m in the desert, I miss the tropics. When I’m in the tropics, I wonder where the desert went. But having seen them both makes me understand that the other exists when I am not there. The lights illuminate our path in the shadow, just as the shadows always force us to return to the light. It’s funny, life never happens in a straight line. We never go in one direction only. Moving forward, it seems, always requires taking steps backwards. And as a designer this is my challenge. How do you unlock the mystery of geometry? What’s the formula? How do I straighten the line and simplify the path? But that’s not the whole story. Because I’m not sure I want to go any straighter. Whenever I think I have the answers, I always realize there are more questions.

But that’s the point. As a young man, I thought that one day I would cross the line, from unawareness to knowledge. I thought there was a time in life where we all went to one side where we always knew what to do and what to say. I always thought my parents were on this side of the fence and given some time, some education and some life. That I would be there too. Bramptonwildlife.ca

But that fence doesn’t exist and the line is always blurry. We never cross. We never stop learning and we never know the answers. We learn how to do things, find what we love and go from there.

What am I trying to say? Say hello to your friends … but don’t be afraid to say goodbye. Embrace new opportunities, but realize how far they can take you. Take a chance, but know that you can’t take them all. See your life for what it is … an ever-changing mosaic of opportunity and chance. With each door that closes, another is waiting to be opened. Notice that I didn’t say “another opens”, because you are the one who must be willing to turn the knob and walk through it. You may find that what is waiting on the other side is drier than you thought. It may not be as green as where you come from. But it will be where you decided to go … and that makes a difference.