Energy Audit Training – A Road to a Green Career During Economic Ups Or Downs

Energy auditing is one of the fastest growing areas of “green”education. It could be a highly rewarding and lucrative career, and will continue to grow regardless of how the economy develops.

Audits of energy efficiency for commercial and residential properties are in use from the 70’s. The crisis in oil has alerted governments and individuals to the fragility of energy resources and the risk of not paying attention to the fact that energy is finite.

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When the oil tap was shut again, the oil crisis was swiftly forgotten and energy continued be wasted in a hysterical manner. Audits of energy became increasingly “cute” than they were urgently required. Up until now, when the global warming’s effects merged with the global economic crisis of 2008.

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The present Peak Oil is close and inevitable, while demand for energy and prices are increasing rapidly. Climate change is coming and needs to be addressed through the reduction of energy consumption and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and incentives for renewable energy along with CO2 limits.

Green jobs are getting an enormous boost from government incentives , and training in energy audits is a popular choice to employers in this new century. energy audit efficiency at home identify areas of a house which are wasting energy and suggests steps to decrease the energy consumption in these. Commercial energy audits are similar things for companies, typically for larger structures.

The reason energy auditing will not go away

The reason why energy auditing is expanding rapidly is due to:

A growing awareness of the necessity of, and the possibility of cutting the emission of greenhouse gases * the need for new constructions to adhere to specific energy efficiency standards Weatherization, as well as other renewable energy incentive programs are a great fit for an energy audit. of homes that are already efficient in energy use upon sale The public is becoming increasingly aware of the increasing cost of energy Energy Audit certification for audits

Different countries have different requirements for certification of an energy audit In the US there are currently couple of levels where you can obtain an energy audit completed. There is no mandate from the government currently.

In a nutshell the trained energy auditor will require only your energy bills and a walk-through inspection of the energy efficiency of its ventilation, insulation and appliances.

A more comprehensive energy audit will cost more since it might require costly Infrared technology, blower doors, and blasting of ducts.

Training in energy audits reflects the methods used in these audits, in terms of cost and time of training, as well as the price you are allowed to charge to cover your services. The best training for you will depend on in terms of the subject you wish to concentrate on, and whether you wish to work on your own or work in a group. Are you looking to buy or renovate a home? Commercial clients of a smaller or larger size? Locally or abroad?

Savings in energy of up to 30% can be identified in energy audits, as energy efficient buildings are, however, uncommon. This is why an energy audit is a good idea for almost any customer.

Opportunities for a career as an energy auditor are diverse. You could be an independent auditor or as an employee or work with additional energy auditors. You can mix it into an existing trade or profession such as real estate, engineering plumbing or solar panel installers and many more. This could be a lucrative career that can keep you going as college students.